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a wanderer in a spirit lands
kris tina

autre éditeur que philip burley
sorry, il n'existe qu'en anglais .

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For kindle version - review

If you believe in spiritual reality, this is the best book ever written on the subject that I have ever read...way better than Emanuel Swedenborg's works.
If you don't believe in spiritual things, then it's still a great story. An amazing look at life in the spiritual realm after our physical death, and the way love works even on the hardest people. The things we pursue in this life, from the perspective we have after it's over, can be so dumb...

I'll never forget the story the book tells of the English adulterers who murdered the husband so they could be together, were caught, hanged, and then spent all their time in spirit world fighting each other. Or the man whose family was killed by the Portuguese governor of Brazil in the 1500 or 1600s, his revenge, and his ultimate forgiveness. And finally, the woman who loved Franchezzo without regard to his faults, which is his real salvation and his true messiah, is a terrific testimony to the ultimate power love has over all over emotions, especially anger, resentment and hate. If you want to read anything about spiritual world, this is the book! IMHO, anyway.
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